Amy LaDeroute Headshot


Amy LaDeroute is a singer, actress, voice actor and sketch-writer.

For the past 15 years, Amy LaDeroute has been the professional voice talent for clients such as Disney, Smuckers, Wells Fargo, Gunnison Energy, Avera Medical Group, Kaspersky Labs, Halifax Health Care and many others.

She is known for her friendly, relatable US North American warm, friendly, soothing female voice, and for her ability to produce client-pleasing results every time and in record time.

Amy has the uncanny ability to immediately assess just what the copy needs and communicate exactly what you’re looking for.

Along with her audio engineer expert husband Ken, she offers in-house audio production from start to finish in her state-of-the-art studio delivering mastered high quality audio on par with what you would expect to hear on radio and television.

Both Amy and Ken are also professional musicians and can produce jingles, original music, or sound design for all your projects.

Amy specializes in medical narration and has worked on numerous radio, tv, video, and internet broadcasts including, phone messaging, white board videos, instructional videos, web, commercials, e-learning, training, industrial, how-to tutorials, promos, audiobooks, podcasts, corporate narration, announcer, and many others.

Check out Amy’s demo reels below or reach out to her if you’d like to hear something more specific.

When you need a voice that cares as much as you do, contact Amy today.